SculptPrint generates tool paths for 5-axis machine tools.  The software models complex geometries using voxels.  The processing of these vast number of cubes is done on the GPU to leverage an army of cores.

A guided workflow collects information from the user to define a final part to be made, a starting stock geometry, the machine to make it on, and the list of available cutting tools.  A series of tool paths using the available tools and various cutting patterns is generated. The GPU based voxel algorithms ensure no unwanted collisions occur between the tool, part, and moving components of the machine.  Features for reviewing, inspecting, and simulating the generated paths provide confidence in these paths before attempting them on the machine.  G-Codes are exported for execution on the machine tool.

SculptPrint has many other features supporting 5-axis machining as well.  An inverse time feed profile can be generated to optimize material removal rates.  Sections of passes with low or no material removal can be filtered out.